Our philosophy

For all of us at Vicente & Otaolaurruchi, the client always comes first. All our work revolves around that motto. We believe that the solicitor and the client must have a close and direct relationship. We know our clients, and each of them is always represented by the same solicitor. This results in a greater level of trust and a faster and more efficient approach that allows us to give our clients what they want and deserve.

We endeavour to keep our clients permanently informed about their case and to answer their queries within 48 hours.

At Vicente & Otaolaurruchi we do not charge per hour or per unit of time. We do not charge for picking up the phone, sending a message or writing a letter. We do not charge for attending meetings away from our office, or for visits to local public agencies. And we will most certainly not charge you for dropping by our office in Marbella and sitting down with us for a cup of coffee while you tell us about your case. At Vicente & Otaolaurruchi we look at the services we provide much in the same way you would: as a whole. Because nobody wants any surprises at the end of a process, and because we enjoy what we do, our fees are determined before you commission the job from us. We are not driven by how long it takes us: we are driven by the end result. That is the only way to make sure our clients are satisfied and will continue to put their trust in us in the future.

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