Corporate: Company formation in Spain

– What kind of documents do I need to incorporate a company in Spain?

To constitute a company in Spain it is necessary to sign a title deed of incorporation that has to include the following documentation:

Negative Certification of the Company Name. Issued by the Central Companies House, it certifies that the name chosen for the company is not registered already.

Certificate of bank deposit. Issued by the bank branch where the company’s account has been opened and only after the initial capital had been deposited.

Provisional CIF of the company. Issued by the Spanish Inland Revenue.

NIE of the administrators and shareholders

Bylaws and Articles of Association. Written according to the company’s business field and its internal rules.

Once granted the Incorporation Title Deed must be registered in the Companies House and the final CIF obtained.

 – What is the cost of incorporating a company in Spain?

Although since 2010 the incorporation of a company in Spain is exempt from Stamp Duty, there are still a number of expenses: lawyer’s fees, Notary Public fees and Company House fees, certifications, etc. In general, the cost should not exceed 2,000 Euros, not including the required deposit of the initial capital of the company.

 – Can I be a director of a Spanish company if I am not resident in Spain?

Yes. Spanish nationality or residency is not required to be a director of a Spanish company. Being the director of a Spanish company does not, in any case, imply having any right of residence, work or stay.