Buying property in Spain (Deeds registration)

From the moment of signing the deed before the notary, the new title deed of ownership will appear in the Property Register as the notary will send it electronically. However, a subsequent procedure must be carried out to collect the original document from the notary’s office, to settle and pay any corresponding taxes and, lastly, to submit the deeds at the Property Register to be properly entered. The registration process is usually completed in a period of one to three months.

As soon as the deed is signed, our firm will take charge, on your behalf, of taking out the contracts for all utilities (water, electricity, gas, telephone and Internet connection, etc.), of notifying the local authorities of the purchase/sale (Town Hall, Provincial Tax Collection Office) and of duly informing the community of owners. Likewise, if you so wish, we can arrange to take out a home insurance policy for your new home.

In the event that the property already has connected utilities, all that needs to be done is to change the name on the contracts. When the contracts have been in place for a certain period of time, the utility companies may request a technical certificate to be issued by an electrician, plumber, etc., which states that the installation complies with current regulations. If this were the case, our firm would deal with applying for said certification for you.

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