Buying property in Spain (Legal survey)

Once the down-payment has been made and the reservation document has been signed, the owners or their representative must provide the purchaser with the property’s documentation, so that the operation’s viability from a legal, urban development and fiscal point of view can be studied. At Vicente & Otaolaurruchi we carry out comprehensive checks in the property registers, town halls, communities of property owners, supply companies and other bodies, in order to verify who really has the ownership of the property, what the legal capacity of the owners and their representatives is, whether there are any liens, encumbrances or limitations on the property, what the approximate costs of maintenance are, and, in general, to check any relevant data that may affect the purchaser in the future.

Another crucial point is to draw up the purchase/sale contract or the purchase option contract. This is the point at which we negotiate with the selling party to agree on the most favourable conditions for our client’s interests. We will then send you a full report with details on the operation’s viability, the terms of the contract, the approximate costs of maintenance and the expenses derived from the purchase, along with a translation of the draft contract.

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