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  • Brexit

    Brexit and Inheritance Tax in Spain

    It is worth pointing out that Brexit would have a deep impact on the taxation of UK citizens that own property in Spain. Several taxes would be affected as there are some benefits for EU residents, but in particular, the administration of the estate of […]

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  • Alquiler Turístico En Andalucía

    Compulsory registration of tourist rental properties in Andalusia

    What do I need to do to rent my house to tourists? Is it now forbidden to rent properties in Andalusia for holiday periods? Do I need to register my property with the Andalusian Tourism Council to be able to rent? Following press publications about […]

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  • Tribunal Supremo

    Marbella’s urban planning declared null and void by the Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court has declared contrary to the legal system the Revision of the General Urban Plan (PGOU) of Marbella done in 2010 and therefore it has been declared null and void. This plan sought to regularize the situation of more than 16,500 illegal housing […]

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  • 23888182 S

    Facts about Inheritance Tax in Andalusia (Spain)

    (Edited 01/02/2017 to include latest taxation changes) Fact 1 In Spain, mortis causa successions (to the estate of a deceased person) and inter vivos transactions (gifts between living persons) are taxable. The tax rate is the same although there are differences in the applicable bonuses […]

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  • CGT Reduced In Spain

    Capital Gain Tax reduced in Spain

    Spanish Government has approved the Royal Decree Law 9/2015 of 10 July by which certain tax burdens on the taxpayer are reduced. The official reason for this change is that the current economic situation and the forecasts growth over 3% allow the Government to take […]

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  • Tribunal Constitucional 3

    Claim for a refunding of Inheritance Tax paid in Costa Blanca

    The Spanish legislation on inheritance and gift tax continues to receive setbacks. It is the turn now for the Valencian regional legislation and in particular the Article 12 bis of the Law of Valencia 13/1997 which has been declared unconstitutional. We are still far away […]

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  • Usufruct

    The usufruct in the Spanish Wills

    It is quite common among foreign citizens when signing their Spanish Wills to leave the assets they have in Spain first to the spouse and then to the children (in case of predeceasing, renounce or simultaneous decease). This is slightly different for Spanish citizens as […]

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  • Inheritance Tax Changes

    How the recent changes in Spanish Inheritance Tax will affect you?

    (Editado el 26/02/2017 para incluir las novedades fiscales) Are you aware that, due to the recent changes in the Spanish Law, it is quite possible that now your beneficiaries will not have to pay any Inheritance Tax in Spain or at least their exposure to […]

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  • Tax Reform 2015

    Taxation changes in Spain for year 2015

    In this entry we review the tax innovations and changes for year 2015 in relation to Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Wealth Tax and Inheritance and Gift Tax and how these changes affect both residents and non-residents. PERSONAL INCOME TAX OBLIGATION TO PRESENT THE TAX RETURN […]

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  • Capital Gain Tax

    Indexation no longer applicable to the calculation of Capital Gain Tax

    The lower house of the Spanish Parliament (Congreso de los Diputados) approved on 20 November 2014 the fiscal reform that will come into force on 1 January 2015 and that it was subject of research in the previous entry of this blog. Finally it was […]

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    Spanish Government wants to remove indexation from CGT calculation on property sales

    Spanish Government has already submitted to the Parliament and Senate the draft of the 2015 State Budget Law for discussion and further approval. Among the tax novelties contained in this proposal, there is one that in the event that it is finally approved without changes […]

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  • 28483898 S

    Claim now for a refunding of ‘discriminatory’ Inheritance tax paid in Spain

      EU rules against Spain on discriminatory Inheritance tax applicable to non-residents We have good news for all foreigners with properties in Spain as their future heirs will surely pay less tax and we have excellent news for non residents who inherited and paid tax […]

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  • Complementary Tax Assesment

    Complementary tax assessments when purchasing in Spain

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  • 25083216 S

    How to buy in Spain. Do’s and Don’ts. (A guide for purchasers)

    If you are considering to buy a property in Spain this is probably one of the best times in decades to do it. Spain seems to be finally coming out of the economic recession and after some really hard years the market prices are probably […]

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  • New Convention UK Spain

    New Tax Treaty between Spain and the United Kingdom

    On the 15th May 2014 the Spanish Official Gazette published the new Convention signed between Spain and the United Kingdom for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and on capital which was signed in […]

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  • Apostilla Para Blog 3

    The Apostille. How to legalize documents to be used abroad.

    What is the Apostille of the Hague Convention? Traditionally, in order to use a public document abroad, it was required to authenticate (legalize) it previously, that is, that the competent authorities of the issuing country as well as the embassy or consulate of the country […]

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  • Moses Consulting Ltd 2

    Is it possible to avoid paying Inheritance Tax in Spain?

    (Edited 26/02/2017 to include latest taxation changes) Every now and then we receive inquiries from clients who have properties in Spain in relation to the Inheritance Tax and how to limit or improve the exposure that their heirs will have to the same. There is […]

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  • Lucha Junta Vs Gobierno

    The controversial Andalusian Law that expropriates properties from banks and fines owners of empty dwellings

    The regional Government of Andalucía and the Government of Spain have come into direct collision with respect to the adoption of a series of legal bodies in the autonomous region that regulate the social objective that housing should have. Thus, the Junta de Andalucía shall […]

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  • File0001622028710

    First penalties for breach of Cookies Law in Spain

    A few months ago we published an entry in the blog about the Spanish Law of Cookies and how to comply with it under the title Does your website comply with the Spanish cookie law? and we left some answers pending of the final outcome […]

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  • 1380529697 G 0

    Spanish State Budget Law for 2014

    On the 26th December 2013 was published in the Official Gazette the State Budget Law for 2014 and like every year, again amending certain taxes, particularly the tax rates or ratios related thereto. Let’s see what are the changes this year: * The pensions paid […]

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  • 19682866 S

    Inheritance within common law marriage (unmarried couples)

    What does exactly pareja de hecho mean in Spanish law? It would be similar to the common law marriage. A union between two people, regardless of their sex, who want to live together in a committed and durable relationship and who are not united by […]

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  • Does your website comply with the Spanish Cookie Law?

    Does your website comply with the Spanish Cookie Law?

    Under existing law, penalties for noncompliance can reach up to 30,000 Euros for the lesser level of sanctions, so it seems crucial to be able to give an affirmative answer to this question. Recently, on the occasion of the publication of our website, we have […]

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  • V&O Lawyers Marbella - Legal Blog - Residency for investors

    “Golden visa” for investors in Spain

    The called Act for Entrepreneurs is already in effect. It was approved by the Spanish Parliament and published in the Official Gazette. This law has been prepared to encourage and facilitate the creation and growth of companies and their international development as a necessary engine […]

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  • 12413570 S


    Welcome to the blog of Vicente & Otaolaurruchi Lawyers. This is the first release of our newly created blog. Our intention is to provide an open and easy-access channel to keep our present and future clients and collaborators periodically informed about new legislation and some […]

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